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Frederick's Perch

I like programming, GIS, languages, and games.


Nile Travelogues Python JavaScript SQLite Mathematica

Full stack internship at Newbook Digital Texts, University of Washington NELC

From the ground up, I built a database where you can get info on and read travel logs from the Golden Age of Egyptology. With only OCR scans of Nile Notes of a Howadji, I turned a book into a library with minimal manual work.


Visualizing Player Engagement with Virtual Spaces using GIS

I put a Minecraft map in real map software and it works! Published in SIGBOVIK 2020 (page 273)


Laughing Man Webcam Filter Python OpenCV

Webcam filter that overlays the animated Laughing Man logo from Ghost in the Shell: SAC on faces and sends the output to a virtual webcam

Legislature Simulator JavaScript

The online zero-player game where you have more impact over a country's government than in real life!

Mathematikka Java Mathematica

Bukkit plugin that calls the Mathematica kernel to query WolframAlpha from in-game. Do your calculus homework… in Minecraft! See how it works in my blog post.

Minecraft Geological Survey Python

Tools for mapping and analyzing Minecraft maps in GIS software

Civilization V Map Tools Python Kaitai Struct

Tools for using and parsing civ5map Files, including in Quantum GIS

RomuRabble Python

Romulan Language (Star Trek: Picard era) analysis tools and resources

GeoTourguide JavaScript

Explore the 90s internet with this GeoCities archive explorer, using archives from Oocities

Lyrics Analyzer JavaScript

View and analyze song lyrics

Grind Day Bot 2 JavaScript

Discord.js bot for use with my friends, who like Star Trek and games.